Life in Japan in Photos: Kappa

azumanga sakaki cat
This is Kappa. She was the one of several rescues I made in Japan over the past few years who ultimately survived. The rest, despite immediate vet care, eventually died due to the severity of their injuries or illnesses. I and a fellow lover of cats kept Kappa in our respective houses for several months, although we weren’t supposed to – like many apartments in Japan, big or small, pets were not allowed. However, the reason I’ve chosen this particular photo to post about is not just because I love cats, but also to highlight exactly how much of a problem Japan has with stray animals, and with cats in particular. Continue reading


Life in Japan in Photos: Rice Fields of Fukui

anime photography
This is the start of something new for Otaku Lounge. While I’ll still absolutely be keeping up with the seasonal anime posts and more occasional miscellaneous posts about Japanese music, film, fashion, and general culture, I also felt the need to try something new. Continue reading