Anime Taste Testing: Angolmois, Free! S3, Grand Blue

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After my experience with both Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes and Phantom in the Twilight, I wasn’t in the most forgiving of moods and didn’t know if Angolmois, Grand Blue, or even Free! would be able to change that. So, how did they fare? Continue reading


Anime Taste Testing: Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes and Phantom in the Twilight

I figured that after how much I liked Banana Fish, it must be time for the somewhat less enjoyable stuff. I sure wasn’t wrong. Continue reading

Anime Taste Testing: Banana Fish

I’m doing things a little differently with my Anime Taste Testing posts this season – or at least, this particular Anime Taste Testing post – because there really are so few titles this summer I have even the vaguest interest in watching. The vast majority of these didn’t debut this first week of releases either, whereas I usually split my Anime Taste Testing posts into two, with about five to ten titles for each one. What’s more, while I don’t often have a whole bunch to say about any given premiere episode, where I‘m normally satisfied with one or at most two brief paragraphs, Banana Fish actually left me with a lot of food for thought. I’m not yet sure whether I’ll write a single dedicated post for each title I watch this season, but I did feel that Banana Fish’s premiere gave me enough inspiration and incentive to write a whole post just about that. Continue reading

Favourite Non-Ghibli Anime Films

I haven’t yet come across an anime fan who actively dislikes, or who is at least unable to appreciate, the works of Studio Ghibli. The likes of My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away are often cited as some of the best anime films of all time, and understandably so – the studio is well-known for producing beautiful artwork, memorable soundtracks, and emotionally impactful stories with an often very dreamlike quality to them.

Still, there’s something to be said for variety, and it would be a shame to overlook some of the other magnificent anime films that have been created over the years. The below titles aren’t an official list of any kind, but simply a nod to those films that have likewise made a significant impression on me – a handful of non-Ghibli movies that I personally feel deserve just as much recognition for their craft and emotional impact. Continue reading

Japan’s Creepiest Mascot Characters

It’s no secret that Japan has a bit of a thing for mascots. In a country where not only schools and sports teams but also museums, embassies, prisons, and the military have their own cute and cuddly mascot characters, it’s no exaggeration to say the place is now practically overrun with them (in fact, the Finance Ministry even launched a campaign back in 2015 to cut down on the number of mascots in order to reduce unnecessary spending). Continue reading

More, Please!: 5 Anime in Need of a Second Season

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Let’s be real – there are numerous anime titles out there that deserve a second season, so many that I couldn’t possibly list them all. Sometimes there just isn’t enough of a mainstream fanbase to secure a second season, no matter how great the anime. Sometimes the fanbase is there, but exists chiefly overseas rather than in Japan where it usually counts the most. Sometimes there simply isn’t enough money to meet production costs, no matter the wishes of the creators. Whatever the reason, viewers are often left unsatisfied and thirsty for more – particularly when the ending to an anime doesn’t really seem to be an ending at all, but instead an indefinite (and frequently permanent) hiatus. Continue reading

Weird or Wonderful?: Japanese Foods

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By now, plenty of people are familiar with at least the names of certain odd-sounding, yet still reasonably common Japanese foods such as natto (fermented soybeans), fugu (pufferfish), or yuba (tofu skin). Today, I thought it might be interesting to go a step further with a post detailing some lesser-known foods in Japan – some specific to certain regions, others popular right across the country, but all of them still consumed in today’s society. Continue reading

Anime Taste Testing: Spring 2018 (Part II)

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As I noted last week, my usual first impressions post covering the premiere episodes of the new anime season was split into two this season, as I ended up checking out around 20 titles – double my usual number. This second post covers all titles released from April 8th onwards, while everything released before that can be found here. Continue reading

Anime Taste Testing: Spring 2018 (Part I)

Wow, there’s a lot going on this season – in total, I’ll be looking at over 20 titles – so unusually, I’ll be splitting my initial anime taste testing post into two parts. This first one will cover those titles released from April 1st to April 7th, and the second will be out around this same time next week to cover all the rest. Also unusually, I’ve decided to write about each anime in order of official release date rather than in ascending order of score this season, just for a change of pace. Enjoy! Continue reading