Worst Anime of All Time?

A new blogging project for Otaku Lounge is in the works, and I’d like your input.

Please let me know in a comment what you consider to be the worst anime of all time. It can be from any year and any genre, and if you can’t decide between two or more titles then feel free to go ahead and list them all. Do not feel that you need to justify your choice in any way – in fact, I’d actually prefer if you didn’t give any details at all other than the name of your pick.

Only two restrictions apply. First, I only care about TV shows, so no nominations for movies, OVAs, ONAs, or specials please. And second, I only care about first-hand impressions, which means that you need to have watched the show yourself rather than just heard or read about it. You don’t need to have watched the entire thing, but I’d prefer it if you’ve seen at least a couple of episodes of whatever title(s) you end up listing.

Have at it, people! The more the merrier.


66 thoughts on “Worst Anime of All Time?

  1. A Town Where You Live is by by far the most awful show I’ve seen. Birdy the Mighty Decode was so bad I could only get through the first cour. Peace Maker Kurogane isn’t offensive like those other two but it’s the most boring TV anime I’ve seen. MM! gets an honorable mention for being messed up, offensive and boring all at the same time.


  2. I don’t know if I can confidently nominate ‘worst anime of all time’ since there are so many titles I haven’t seen so I’ll just name 3 of my most hated shows
    Mirai Nikki
    Diabolik Lovers
    Highschool of the Dead

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  3. I definitely can’t remember a show I loathed watching as much as Mirage of Blaze. Probably not the worst (I tend to steer clear of siscon shows, lolicon, et al) but definitely the worst I forced myself to watch all the way through.


  4. There are 3 shows I’ve completed and gave a 1 to on MAL – M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane, Guilty Crown, and Kämpfer – and I nominate all three along with Sword Art Online.


  5. Worst anime I’ve ever seen is probably Musashi Gundoh/Gun-dou Musashi. I even bought the DVDs because it’s so bad it’s actually hilarious to watch. It’s actually a good lesson on how to not make an anime.

    I would also vote for Chargeman Ken!, Zaizen Jotaro, Pupa and Akiba-chan (if anime with figures can count).


  6. ‘Kill me baby’ because I found it too vague and there are better slapstick animations around.
    Ranma 1/2 because of its extremely slow plot development. Most people criticise Naruto for its fillers but I believe this show was much more guilty.
    And Hyperdimension Neptunia because while some anime have sprinklings of fanservice with a plot, this show had nothing but fanservice. Didn’t watch it after seeing one episode out of curiosity.


  7. OK, I’m intrigued. I notice certain titles (that I haven’t seen) popping up a fair bit. The problem for me is that I tend to drop shows quickly so I tend not to have bad shows in my memory.

    That said…

    Kanamemo… got to four episodes and, no, abuse is not funny or OK when it’s in an all female cast.

    GLASSLIP… what were PA Works thinking? Were they thinking at all?

    Anime De Training! EX! … for being an “exercise show” featuring more bouncing boobs with cleavage in a 5 minute episode than I’ve seen in YEARS training at a cross fit gym. It turns out that serious cross fit women dress sensibly with support.

    Walkure Romanze … one of the shows where I didn’t even make it to the opening credits because a horse tried to eat a girls panties, and also the premise: jousting in mini skirts and boob plates and no shields.


    • Yeah, I’m in much the same boat. It’s difficult to know what I would personally nominate for worst show of all time, simply because I drop things so quickly when presented with anything I don’t like.

      Thanks for your picks though, some interesting titles coming out of all this.


  8. I am going to go with Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear.
    A: It had an anime original ending
    B: The ending went against the grain of the series
    C: It was a kid’s show that decided it had to end by traumatising both the heroine and the audience.

    If it had been a book I would have thrown it across the room, ripped it into little pieces and burned the f#k’r


    • I got bored after the first couple of episodes and never watched more after that, so I’ll have to take your word for it on the ending. Either way, thanks for your input.


  9. La corda d’oro -blue sky-
    magical warfare

    my personal worst anime is “Litchi DE Hikari Club” but I don’t think that counts (shorts).
    I have unfortunately watched all of them all the way though.


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    Artemis is collecting nominations for Worst Anime (TV Show) of All Time for a new blogging project. If you have time, please comment on her original post, linked below.


  11. Itazura na Kiss (Naughty Kiss)
    This show is like a slow burning awful, like you spent the entire show waiting for the protagonist to wise up or her bf to stop being an abusive asshole, but it never happens, and part of you knows its never gonna happen, but you keep believing because you have faith in the world. Then when its over, you realize that humanity has no hope.


  12. Victory Gundam. Dragonaut. Brain Powerd.

    Someone else mentioned Vampire Holmes, which is genuinely impressively bad, but I am not sure that it aired on TV.

    If someone told me I had to either re-watch Victory Gundam or gargle broken glass, it’d be a genuinely difficult decision to make.


    • Late is totally fine – I won’t be deleting this post and probably not actually beginning the project itself until next month, when I get my internet issues sorted.



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