Sup guys. It may be a while until my next update here – please bear with me as I switch countries, jobs, and general lifestyles. I’ll still be around, reading and commenting on posts that appear in my feed whenever possible. I don’t have a timeline yet for when I’ll be ready to post again myself, but I’ll be keeping everyone as up to date as I can. Thank you for your patience.

– Artemis


Life in Japan in Photos: How to Be Alone

Being in Japan undeniably taught me a lot of things. I’m sure anyone who’s travelled at any point in their lives, no matter where or for how long, can testify that you can stand to learn a lot from being away from home and outside of your comfort zone. You learn how to speak new words, how to appreciate new foods, and how to practice new skills.

The most valuable thing being in Japan taught me was how to be alone. Continue reading

5 (And a Half) Great Anime Sequels

Sequels, even the decent ones, are very rarely as good as the original. This seems to be the general rule of thumb for most forms of fictional media, anime included, and although there are a number of decent-to-great anime reboots that help balance the scale a little (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Hellsing Ultimate, Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus, and this season’s Fruits Basket, to name just a few examples), the fact remains that second (and third, and fourth, and fifth…) seasons of anime typically just aren’t as inspired as their original counterparts. Continue reading

Mini-Rant: The Music of Carole & Tuesday

Just to be clear, none of the following is to say that Carole & Tuesday is by any means a bad show, or even a below average one. There are numerous excellent aspects I’m happy to praise, including of course its general style and overall aesthetic, which is (unsurprisingly) far more sophisticated than any other title this anime season has to offer. More to the point, I’m enjoying watching it every week and am glad it’s going to have 24 episodes, which will hopefully be used to really flesh out its cast and do a solid job in terms of pacing.

But. My biggest problem with Carole & Tuesday is the one I never thought I’d say about any show with Watanabe Shinichirou at the helm: the music. Continue reading

The Break Down: Kancho

Read enough manga, or watch enough anime or Japanese variety shows, and you’ll inevitably come across that particular phenomenon known as the ‘kancho’. An outdated slang term for ‘enema’ (and the bane of every kindergartner and elementary school teacher’s existence), kancho is a prank (or, depending on your point of view, a form of sexual harassment) that typically involves kids – especially young boys – forming an imaginary gun shape with their fingers and delivering a blow straight into the anus of their unsuspecting victim. Continue reading