Life in Japan: Random Acts of Kindness

Unfairly or not, Japanese people seem to have a reputation for being shy, especially when it comes to new social situations and meeting foreigners. I can’t tell you how many times people have commented, when they know I’ve lived in Japan, on how the country’s inhabitants are supposed to be quiet, polite, reserved, unassuming, introverted, etc. etc. This isn’t a stereotype that’s limited to outsider opinion, either – Japanese people have likewise told me this plenty of times. Continue reading

Anime Taste Testing: Great Pretender

With the new anime season now starting up (however scant the offerings this time around to due COVID-related scheduling issues), I would be completely remiss if I didn’t mention Great Pretender. This title isn’t actually a regular weekly airing series, but is instead being produced by and released one story arc at a time on Netflix Japan. As of this writing, 14 episodes (of an expected 23) are out, although I won’t be giving any spoilers and will mainly be focusing on just the first handful of episodes. Continue reading